Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Knowing My God" Children's Book Series Review

My son is at a pivotal age right now.  He just turned 7 and is so so curious about God, the Bible, and things he hears in Sunday School and he is also reading fairly well now on his own.  It's the absolute perfect time to practice his reading and learn scripture and Bible lessons all at the same time!  The "Knowing My God" series published by Graham Blanchard and written by Callie Grant is the perfect group of books to help us do just that!

The "Knowing My God" series consists of 4 books; "Jesus Shows Me", "Jesus Invites Me", "All of Me that You Can't See", and "Mud Puddle Hunting Day".  I love that Graham Blanchard categorizes their books into three categories: Learn, Absorb, and Praise.  It's a big help to know which book to choose for what you are aiming for in reading that day or night.  Here's a quick peek at each book.

"Jesus Shows Me"-(Learn)-This is the first book in the series.  Each page explains through words and pictures a segment of John 15:9-14.  It's easy to follow and the illustrations of animal parents taking care of their own little ones not only keeps your little one's attention but it also helps them understand the verse.

"Jesus Invites Me"-(Learn)-The second book in the series explains Matthew 11:28-30.  This book, again, uses pictures to help your child understand the Word, and helps them see that Jesus wants us to learn and follow him.

"All of Me That You Can't See"-(Absorb)-This book based on Mark 12:30 helps your little one recognize that there is more to him/her than what is on the outside.  It hopefully helps them become aware of the Spirit that is inside.

"Mud Puddle Hunting Day"-(Praise)-And last but certainly not least, this book tells a beautiful and fun story of one little girl's walk in the rain.  It helps magnify how amazing all of God's creations are.  Whether they are big, small, wet, dry, muddy, or messy, they are all beautiful and we should praise God for all he's made.

Of course the above is what I got out of the books, but my son probably didn't get quite so much lol. BUT he will!  That's why I fell in love with these books.  The more we read them together the more he gets out of them.  That is something I love, love, love about the "Knowing My God" series is that they will grow with my son.  As he gets older and we read and reread them he'll get something new out of it each time.  If you have little ones, from baby to young child, I highly recommend this series.  It's illustrations will keep their attention and the words will grow in their hearts.

You can find all four of the books I reviewed at Graham Blanchard as well as other books and authors that they work with.  You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay on top of new releases and special offers.

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  1. I would get
    Jesus Shows Me

  2. Id like to get A little breath and Jesus loves me.

  3. *Little Seed: A Life* looks cute!

  4. I'm most excited about the Jesus Shows Me book. I like that it uses directly quoted Bible passages. Thank you.

  5. All of me that you can't see looks adorable.

  6. Mud puddle hunting day looks adorable

  7. Little Seed : A Life

  8. I think I'd get Little Seed: A Life. But, I think all of them would be good.

  9. I'm really excited about "All of me that you can't see". Sounds like a really great learning tool for tiny tots:) All these childrens books look fantastic:)


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