Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moving Freebies

We are currently in the process of moving!  Yikes!  We were pretty sure that after hubby retired from the USAF here this would be where we stayed, but that was OUR plan, and not His apparently lol  So we are up and out of here in about a week and a half.  One thing I am discovering is that moving is stinking expensive!  Between the deposits, movers, and cleaners and the "need" for new stuff for the new home.  Sure my curtains and whatnot look good here but I want something new at the new place.  First world problem?  Yes I think so lol  Anyways, my point is that moving is expensive enough so I have been on the lookout for any moving related freebies I can find.  One in particular thing I'm wanting are Change of Address postcards to mail out.  Here are a few sites I've found that offer just that!

This change of address here at Sissyprint is just precious!  You can freehand your information on it or load it into you photo editing software and just type it up (which I will do, I have horrible handwriting).   While you are there check out some of her other stuff.  She's got organizational printables and prints for your decor.

This one can be found at Tip Junkie and it is really cute.  Just print on card stock and cut out.

Ok seriously I am in love with these announcements.  I am a sucker for Subway art so these may be what some of you will be getting in the mail from us.  Just visit Pink Peppermint Paper and scroll down.  Now I just have to decide between chocolate, lime, or melon. Decisions......decisions.

Stay tuned for more moving freebies as we head on down this road we call relocation......

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